Rules of the BTCBoss exchange office

1. General provisions of the Agreement

1.1. In accordance with this Agreement, the conditions are established on the basis of which the Service will provide electronic money exchange services, for which its resources and functions are used.

1.2. On the Internet The service providing online money exchange services is located at:

1.3. The Services of the Service can be used by Clients who are individuals or legal entities, if they have expressed a desire to make a transfer using the services of this Service and complying with the terms of this Agreement.

1.4. If this Agreement is concluded, then the Client and the Service offering online electronic money exchange services are called Parties.

1.5. The parties to this Agreement agree that an electronic document regulating the legal relationship between the Client and the Service has the same legal force as a document signed on paper.

1.6. This Agreement is a public offer. If the Client forms an Application for an online money exchange operation using the functionality and resources of the Service, then he accepts the terms of this Agreement.

2. Subject of the Agreement between the Parties

2.1. The Service provides services for the exchange of electronic money, which contains clause 7. In this case, the Client must strictly comply with all the requirements contained in clause 9 of this Agreement. The regulation of exchange transactions contains clause 7. The rules for their conduct are regulated by the internal regulations of the Service.

2.2. The Client pays for the services provided by the Service for conducting electronic money exchange transactions in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

3. Rights and obligations of the Service and the Client

3.1. When providing services, the duties of the Service include the following:

3.1.1. Convert funds through the relevant Payment systems in compliance with the terms of this Agreement.

3.1.2. Provide the Client with online support 24/7 on all issues that he may have in the process of exchanging funds using the resources and functions of the Service.

3.1.3. Save the Client"s personal data, data on the time and amount of the exchange operation, provide all the necessary data on the money exchange service based on the Client"s request. Ensure compliance with the Privacy Policy when a money transfer service is provided, for which the services of the relevant Payment systems are used.

3.1.4. Ensure effective protection of information on payments that are made from the possibility of access to it by third parties. The following situations are an exception:

- the judicial authority in the country where the Service is located has issued an appropriate decision, and it has already entered into legal force at the moment;

- a request was received from the financial monitoring service or the control authority that operates in the country where the Service is located;

- a request was received from the management of the Payment system that carried out money exchange transactions based on the Client"s Application.

3.1.5. Take into account the discounts for exchange transactions that the Client has, apply them when he fills out the Application on the Service website.

3.1.6. If the Client filed a complaint regarding a violation in accordance with this Agreement, the Service is obliged to transfer the required funds to the Client"s account within 24 hours.

3.2. When using the functionality of the Service, the Client has the following obligations:

3.2.1. In order to successfully carry out operations to exchange the necessary amounts of funds, the Client is required to provide up-to-date and reliable data, correct details in order to prevent erroneous crediting of funds to the account of a third party.

3.2.2. Provide a work email address as contact information.

3.2.3. Ensure that the notification system is set up so that the Service can promptly notify the Client about the progress of the exchange operation, send notifications, including advertising.

3.2.4. Provide the ability to connect to the Internet using information systems and stationary devices. Provide reliable protection with special anti-virus software products to make the use of the Service functions as safe as possible.

3.2.5. All the conditions that are prescribed in this Agreement, the Client must comply without fail and in full.

3.2.6. Immediately notify the administration of the Service about a complete or partial violation of operations for the exchange of funds using the Client"s details, as well as about violations that are provided for in this Agreement. If violations are detected, the Client may file a complaint with the Service within 1 month from the moment of their discovery. If more time has passed, then the Service does not return such amounts, and the money becomes its property.

3.2.7. If money exchange operations are carried out, then it is unacceptable for the Client to violate the requirements of the current legislation, which the provision of the Service must meet.

3.2.8. It is unacceptable to use different mechanisms that allow you to increase traffic.

3.3. When providing services in accordance with this Agreement, the Service may perform the following actions:

3.3.1. Temporary suspension of the Service in order to eliminate technical failures, modernize the operation of the Service for the most efficient provision of services.

3.3.2. A complete stoppage of the functioning of the resource until the failure is completely eliminated, if there are suspicions about the commission of illegal actions by persons not related to the Service, or based on a request from the control authority, heads of Payment systems or directly from the Client himself.

3.3.3. Applying a discount to the accounts of its Clients who actively conduct exchange transactions with funds.

3.3.4. Determining what the commission will be when carrying out an exchange operation for the amount specified by the Client in the Application, which he forms for the exchange.

3.3.5. Establishing a ban on conducting an exchange transaction with funds without notifying the Client of the reason for its decision.

3.3.6. Requesting additional information from the Client regarding an incorrect operation if it ended in an error. The Client can provide data in any convenient way: by e-mail, using a mobile device or by taking a screenshot.

3.3.7. If the Client communicates rudely, ignores the rules of the culture of behavior, refuses to provide additional data or documents, then the Service may terminate cooperation with him.

3.3.8. Blocking the operation for the exchange of funds, if there are cases that are provided for in clause 5 of this Agreement between the Parties.

3.3.9. Suspension of the course of the operation, if it is impossible to carry out a complete identification of the Client"s identity. At the same time, the funds are not returned until the full amount of results for this procedure is received.

3.3.10. Blocking access to the services provided if the requirements of this Agreement are violated. The Service also blocks the corresponding source of funds.

3.3.11. Suspension of the transaction until the moment when all the circumstances are clarified and the funds that were received unreasonably, as well as the corresponding rights to them, are fully reimbursed, if it is confirmed that the Client has unreasonably enriched himself using the functions and resources of the Service.

4. Services provided by the Service online

4.1. The service provides online money exchange services. For this, different Payment systems are used, the list of which is presented on the website. All existing Payment systems are used to carry out funds transfer operations.

5. Regulations for performing exchange transactions with electronic money on the Service

5.1. The exchange operation begins to be performed immediately after the funds are received from the Client to the details provided by the Service. If the Client has generated an Application on the Service website, but 20 minutes have passed and the funds have not arrived without the details provided, then the Service"s security service deletes this Application automatically. For operations with cryptocurrency assets, the exchange period can be up to 90 minutes. If the term has expired, and the money indicated in the Application by the Client is credited to the account of the Service, then the rate that was valid at the time the funds were credited is taken during processing.

5.2. The operation for the exchange of funds, which is carried out by the service on the basis of the Client"s Application, is completed when the money is credited to the account of the Client or another specified person.

5.3. It is not possible to cancel or stop an exchange once it has started. Funds cannot be returned to the Client"s account.

5.4. In cases where the amount that was received on the details of the Service for the exchange operation differs from the amount specified by the Client in the Application, the Service suspends this operation or recalculates according to the amount actually received. In the event of a complete blocking of the operation, it can only be continued if the Client complies with the terms of this Agreement. The client can be paid an amount that corresponds to the one received from him. In this case, the exchange rate will be the same as at the beginning of the operation.

5.5. In cases where, during the money exchange operation, it is revealed that the bank has blocked the Client"s account or an error has been made when filling in personal data in the account during registration, the operation is stopped automatically. The amount of this operation is returned to the Client"s account. In any case, when a refund is made, a commission of 5% is withheld, except for clause 10.9.

5.6. If the Client deletes the notes to the application or makes payment from another account, the Service may suspend the execution of this exchange operation. The Service will also return the money to the account from which they were sent, if clause 3.2.5 of this Agreement is fulfilled, minus the commission for the exchange operation and the fine, which is the established percentage of the exchange amount specified in the Client"s Application.

5.7. In cases where the Client makes an exchange operation to purchase Bitcoin, the duration of the receipt of funds will depend on the workload of the cryptocurrency system. It can be either 10-15 minutes or several days. The duration of the exchange of cryptocurrency assets is not the responsibility of the Service, the service provided online.

6. Rights and level of responsibility of the Client and the Service

6.1. If the Client made a mistake when filling out the Application for the exchange of funds or violated the terms of this Agreement when using the services of the Service, the latter will not be held liable. If errors or violations are made, then the money that the Client transferred to the wrong account cannot be returned, this exchange operation will not be performed.

6.2. In case of damage or damage to the equipment of the Service as a whole or its individual elements, which makes it impossible to carry out exchange operations, the Service is not responsible.

6.3. If an error or delay occurs during the execution of the exchange operation due to the operation of the bank or the Payment System, the Service is not responsible.

6.4. If the Client misunderstood the terms of the exchange operations, the cost of the Service, tariffs and other conditions, due to which he incurred losses and other types of costs, the Service is not responsible.

6.5. If errors or delays in the transfer of funds are made, the Service is not responsible for the losses and costs of the Client.

6.6. When concluding this Agreement, the Client confirms that the funds used for the exchange operation are his property, and that the source of its receipt is absolutely legal.

6.7. If, when using the Service, the Client caused material damage, then he is obliged to compensate all losses in full.

6.8. The Client guarantees that at the time of using the Services, he is an adult (in accordance with the laws of the country in which he resides).

7. Procedure for changing the Agreement

The BTCBoss Service Administration at any time has the opportunity to amend or supplement this Agreement unilaterally. Any changes come into force when they are published on the website of the Service.

8. Force majeure

In the event of force majeure situations that do not depend on the Client and the Service, the Parties will not be liable and shall not fulfill their obligations under this Agreement. Insurmountable situations include such situations: natural disasters, riots, military operations, changes in the state and the world, hacker attacks, etc. The Parties are also not responsible if access to the services of the Service is unavailable for such reasons: there is no electricity, the Internet, etc.

9. Basic requirements to be met by money exchange transactions

9.1. The Service may not be used for fraud or other illegal transactions. The Client is aware and agrees that if he conducts exchange transactions using funds that are obtained illegally, he will be punished under the current legislation of the country in which the Service operates.

9.2. If it is proved that the Client is committing illegal actions, the Service may report this to law enforcement agencies, send data about this to the partners of the Payment System and the party that has suffered from this.

9.3. The receipt by the Client of funds from the virtual wallet of the Service is the final stage of the exchange operation. In this case, the responsibility for the legality of the origin of money lies with the Service.

9.4. The Service is not responsible for the outcome of exchange operations carried out by third parties at the request of the Client.

9.5. By confirming the terms of this Agreement, the Client assumes responsibility for the results of the money exchange operation.

10. Features of identification of the Client"s personality

10.1. A prerequisite for using the services of the BTCBoss Service is the passage of identification.

10.2. If the Client passes identification, the Service may request the provision of such data and documents:

- last name, first name and patronymic of the Client;

- information about citizenship;

- passport data;

- information about the date and place of birth;

- information about the place of residence at the moment and the place of registration;

- contact details: phone number, postal code, e-mail address, etc.;

- passport photo (internal and foreign);

- selfie with an identity document;

- a photo of the payment for utilities, where the Client"s home address is visible, which confirms the place of his residence or registration;

- other data (any format and volume) that may be requested by the Service in order to fully identify the Client.

10.3. All the data that the Client provides, the Service can use to check the Client for money laundering, terrorist financing, fraudulent transactions and criminal acts of a financial nature, using the functions and resources of the Service.

10.4. When collecting, using and transferring data about the Client, the Service must strictly comply with the Privacy Policy.

10.5. The Client gives his consent and permission that the latter will keep records of all the data provided by him to the Service during the entire time of using the Service, as well as for 5 years after deleting the account, which is provided for by international standards of information storage.

10.6. The Client agrees that the Service may conduct data verification independently or with the involvement of third parties in order to protect the Client or itself from fraud and other criminal acts of a financial nature. The Client does not impose restrictions on the choice of such systems by the Service.

10.7. If the Client completes the identification procedure, then it will be his responsibility to independently monitor the relevance of account information. If there are any changes, then you need to update the data and correct them using your personal account on the Service or by contacting the administration.

10.8. In cases where the administration of the Service providing money exchange services cannot contact the Client using the contact details provided when registering an account, then all responsibility for possible losses or expenses due to suspension of the exchange operation or blocking of the account lies with the Client . That is why the Client must ensure that the information always remains up-to-date and reliable.

10.9. Wallet addresses for ongoing exchange transactions must be automatically checked by AML.

The Service can make a request for verification by the Client if it is found that the wallet address that the Client indicated in the Application has a connection with the Darknet Service, Darknet Marketplace, Mixing Service, Fraudulent Exchange, Ransom, Illegal Service, Scam, Stolen Coins.

If it is confirmed that the connection still exists, then after the Client passes the verification procedure, the money will be returned to the details from which they were received. In this case, a commission of 10% will be deducted from the exchange amount that the Client indicated in the Application for the exchange of funds.