Questions and answers

Bonus program

The bonus program of the BTCBoss service makes exchanges on the service more profitable!

To use the bonus program, you need to perform a simple action: after the exchange, leave feedback on cooperation with us on the page of the popular BestChange monitoring portal.

Bonuses can be accumulated and used only when exchanging in our exchanger. In the case of using bonuses during the exchange, their number cannot exceed 20 percent of the total amount of the exchange. Bonus accruals depend on the exchange amount and amount to 1 percent of this volume. One bonus is equal to one Russian ruble.

To leave a review and get your bonus, follow the link:

To open a window for writing a review, click "Add review".

Fill in the required data: your name, your email address, exchange number and write a review. Specify the feedback type "Positive ". Click "Give Feedback".

An email will be sent to the specified email address with a link to confirm the placement of the review.

When filling in the “Exchange number” field, be sure to indicate the number of the application, after which you leave a review. It is better to copy it, so as not to make mistakes when manually entering.

All is ready! The accrued bonuses will be displayed in the “Personal Account” in the “Balances” section.

It is also very easy to spend your bonuses.

In the process of creating an exchange request, you can check the box next to “Write off bonuses”. The specified number of bonuses will be written off, but at the same time you will pay less for the application by the amount corresponding to the bonuses.

BTCBoss service has the right to change the conditions of the program, the accrual of bonuses or the complete suspension of its operation.

We wish you pleasant exchanges with BTCBoss.


How to enter the Personal Account?

In order to enter your personal account, you will need to register on our website. Click on the "Register" button in the upper right corner of the site. Next, enter your email and create a password. When creating an application, a Personal Account is created automatically by the e-mail specified in the application.

What should I do if my application has been deleted?

If the User did not have time to pay for the application within the time frame set by the service and the system issued a message that the application was deleted, you must contact us in a convenient way for you and provide the application number. We will check and solve the problem as soon as possible. For all questions, you can contact the online chat or write to the e-mail specified in the Contacts section.

How fast is the exchange?

Our service sends funds immediately after receiving them from you. On average, the exchange takes 15 minutes. If you send us Bitcoin, we wait for 1 confirmation from the network and then send you the funds. Sometimes there are delays due to network load or the work of a financial organization (payment system, bank), but this does not depend on the operation of the service.

Is it possible to cancel an application?

Funds are non-refundable if the application has already been completed. If the application is paid, but not yet completed, you can return your funds, minus the transfer fee. To do this, you need to contact us in any way convenient for you.

I entered the wrong wallet number for receiving funds. What to do?

We're sorry, but completed transfers cannot be undone. If the wallet number was specified incorrectly, and the transfer cannot be sent, then by contacting our technical support, you can return the funds minus the transfer fee. If, for example, funds are sent to the blockchain network, then it is no longer possible to return them.

Do I need to register on the site to make an exchange?

At the BTCBoss exchange office, automatic registration occurs when you create an application for the first time. You can also register before starting to create an application by entering your e-mail and creating a password.

What is an affiliate program and how to make money on it?

An affiliate program is an easy way for you to earn extra money. Information about this is set out in the Affiliate Program section.

I did not find the cryptocurrency I needed, can you help?

The BTCBoss exchange office has considered this situation. On the main page there is a clear and simple form to fill out “Offer your cryptocurrency”. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Create an invoice for payment

The BTCBoss exchange office provides an opportunity to issue an invoice for payment in a currency convenient for you. You can choose any of the presented cryptocurrencies, choose any bank or electronic payment system. The form for filling in the data on creating an account can be found by clicking on the link.

What is a Loyalty Program?

The BTCBoss exchange office has a cumulative system of discounts for a regular user. The maximum discount is 0.2%. This loyalty program is available only to registered users. Additional information can be found by clicking on the link.